January 18, 2021




The USA BMX ends and we already have the best Chilean exponent.

The Chilean cyclist Karla Ortiz does not stop making history. Last 2019 she won for the fourth consecutive year in BMX, now in 2020, she took two first places in the competition and went to the semifinals just steps away from reaching the direct final with the men.

It is worth mentioning that Karla on May 5, 2019, was involved in a serious accident that left her with 10 fractures and trouble in her clavicle and a pneumothorax (lung collapse). The estimated recovery period was 6 months, however she rushed time to try to defend her crown. And she achieve it. After undergoing a complicated surgery, Ortiz was in a wheelchair until June 7th. A slow but safe recovery process started from there. Without going any further, she was only able to train her one hundred percent for 15 days.

Despite this, Ortiz has had to overcome various difficulties throughout her cycling career, in addition to the aforementioned serious accident that almost left her off the tracks; she has had to pay for her sports equipment and all kinds of implementations with donations, raffles and bingos, since the monetary aid from the state has never been present.

BMX for those who do not handle much between these terms, is a cycling discipline with cross bikes with 20-inch diameter wheels. This sport encompasses two categories or modalities; race with the main objective of completing the route in the shortest possible time and freestyle whose point is to perform stunts.

Riders from all over the world gathered in Tulsa this past Thanksgiving weekend for the US BMX Grands. There about 2,500 competitors from 40 states competed in the Grands on a dirt field built within the Expo Square River Spirit Expo Center.

The event lasted five days beginning with practice on Wednesday and ending with the final on Sunday, where USA BMX crowned 66 age group national champions and seven USA BMX national overall champions. This has added an additional day to the Grands Prix this year allowing cyclists and families the option of spending less time in the building. The Race of Champions took place Thursday and Friday, followed by the Pro Championship on Friday night and the finals on Sunday.

The event looked a bit different this year, every guest had to wear a mask inside the building at all times. In addition, Plexiglas screens were installed in high-touch areas, along with sanitizing stations throughout the building.

However, despite all the adversities, Karla has managed to get ahead and fight for her dreams, eventually reaching the crown of each competition, Congratulations Karlita!

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