January 28, 2021




KDA’s new song hit 10 million views in 24 hours

In the world of online video games, the acronym KDA is very important, they are the statistics of how many times you have killed an opponent, how many times you have been killed (deaths) and how many times you have helped one of your teammates kill a member of the other team (assists). However, in the League of Legends universe this acronym goes much further. It is also the name of a virtual band made up of four LOL champions whose music takes K-pop to other dimensions. This band is made up of 4 avatars, Akali, Ahri, Evelynn and Kai’Sa. The group became known in 2018 through a live performance at the Incheon football stadium in South Korea during the League of Legends World Cup final supported by virtual reality tools, along with their single POP / STARS, which in the first 24 hours, they obtained more than 10 million reproductions, in addition it reached 100 million visits on YouTube in just one month and then exceeded 300 million to also top the Billboard world billboard.


Two years after that show, K / DA presented their latest work, The Baddest, as a prelude to their next album, “All out”, which just came out this November 6th.

The creation of KDA was based on Riot’s wishes to create more music content in the future, with virtual characters based on the ones it already owns in his game. The first attempt was the well-known metal band Pentakill, who despite their success, did not come to compare with what virtual K-Pop stars have achieved.


Thanks to such success of the girls, they have been able to release their long-awaited EP, ALL OUT. It contains five tracks in total, including the highly acclaimed single from the anticipated release, “THE BADDEST” and their standout song, “MORE”. Composed by rapper, songwriter and singer Bekuh Boom and produced, mixed, and mastered by Riot Games songwriter Sebastien Najand.

You can listen to all the songs of the League of Legends K / DA group, composed of Ahri, Akali, Evelynn and Kai’Sa, with contributions from Seraphine and more artists on YouTube, Apple Music and Spotify.