January 18, 2021




People queued for more than 24 hours despite the pandemic leaving several stores without stock of consoles.

The launch of the next generation consoles has been a complete success for Sony and Microsoft, however the downside to this success is the lack of stock. Despite the fact that both companies claim to have been working for a whole year to have enough consoles, the stock of these was not enough for the success that they are having, since they are sold out in most stores of the world and trying to get a console is turning into a complete odyssey.

In the United States, due to the pandemic, several chain stores did not sell the systems in person, since they only offered units through their online sites. Sony decided not to offer the PS5 in physical stores to avoid large conglomerations of people. However, the opposite ended up happening, since the GameStop store offered some units of the systems in its physical stores due to Black Friday, so many saw the ideal opportunity to finally get their favorite console. According to the details, the players camped out for quite a few hours, setting aside the Thanksgiving celebrations. There were even players who made complete beds outside the store to be able to sleep comfortably at dawn, waiting and saving their turn to be the first to buy the much-desired console.

Eugene Daniel, a reporter for 13News Now, shared several photos on his social media that show players camping outside a GameStop branch. As can be seen, its publication generated divided opinions, as users were criticized for not respecting the necessary distancing measures due to COVID-19.

The reporter commented that a guy drove to 11 different GameStop stores to find the shortest line, meaning that various groups of people gathered to camp at different branches.

In Chile the situation was quite similar, on November 5th from 10:00 AM, the pre-sale of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S began, However, the premiere of the console was a chaos, since the Users saturated several of the servers of the stores that had the console for sale, such as Zmart, Microplay and Weplay, filling up with buyers minutes before starting the presale. It is for this same reason that the console sold out in minutes at Retail sites such as Falabella and Abcdin, with a slight difference between the X Series, which sold out in moments, and the S Series, which took a little longer, but It was also sold out in minutes. The price of the Xbox Series X is at 529,990 chilean pesos, while the Xbox Series S cost 319,990 chilean pesos, a price that had been suggested by Microsoft, but until today there was no knowledge of the real value they would have, since many expected a higher price in national stores.

Chile has been one of the last countries to be able to access a reserve of consoles, which is why today the consoles are sold out in all virtual stores in the country. What makes a new sale of these uncertain at a later date, so Did you manage to buy yours?