February 28, 2021




After 12 stages, the most demanding Rally in the world came to an end and brought with it the victory of a Chilean and the outstanding participation of several national sportsmen, in ExtremeTv we tell you about it.

Five Chileans managed to reach the finish line in spite of the difficulties that existed in the different stages and in the last one itself:

Francisco “Chaleco” López”

© Dakar

He managed to be the champion in the SSV category of the 2021 Dakar. His performance was excellent and he grew day by day advancing in the stages and the result was the best, a new victory for “Chaleco” López.

Giovanni Enrico

© Dakar

With a second place finish less than 34 minutes behind the race leader, Enrico was one of the most outstanding sportsmen of this edition of the competition and consolidated himself as one of the strongest in his area.

Ignacio Casale

© Dakar

In a completely new category Ignacio Casale won the 9th place in the trucks.

Pablo Quintanilla

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Quintanilla rebounded and managed to finish seventh in his category in the motorcycles.

Italo Pedemonte

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Pedemonte, on the other hand, had abandoned a stage at the end, but thanks to a parallel classification of the Dakar Experience, he was able to finish in 12th place.

Finally, we would like to highlight the participation of the great Chilean sportsman, Ignacio Cornejo, who in stage 10 had to leave the competition due to the unfortunate accident he suffered. His talent and great love for what he does was more than clear in this edition of the Dakar.

© Dakar

Ignacio Cornejo

Fuente: Dakar.com